Air Hogs Connect

Air Hogs Connect is an app and a drone that work together to create an experience that combines digital and physical play. By

Alder Play

Alder Play is an app developed for Alder Hey hospital for children in Liverpool. The app is designed to help children during t

Play Doh Touch

Play Doh Touch is a game for iOS and Android that allows the user to scan their Play Doh creations and watch them come to life

Wake Up?

A game made for the ITU JamIT2013 game jam. It’s a very linear game, but it does have multiple endings based on how the


Safehacker was made for the Global Game Jam 2014 and was my first real turn-based online game. While I’ve dabbled with s

I Think. I Am.

“I Think. I Am.” is a slightly creepy, self aware platform game that wants to be played. The project was initiated

I Agree to the Terms and Conditions

The game is a text-based game around installation of software. The process is taken to the extreme as the game gets quite intr

Anywhere and Here

Anywhere and Here is a game jam game. It’s a basic platformer without much to it, but I wanted to get my hands dirty wit


Path is the first game jam game I made as a 1-man team. At the same time it’s also the first digital game jam game IR


From December 2012 to January 2014 I was employed at ArtOfCrime ApS as a game developer. My tasks included both design and pro

Wanted: Igor!

Wanted: Igor! is a monster building game where players take turns playing cards in order to create as many creatures as possib

Cloud Chamber

A multiplayer game combining collaborative investigation, Hollywood actors and genuine astrophysics.

Affordable Space Adventures

A 2D side scrolling spaceship simulator for the Nintendo Wii U.


An Arabian themed race-to-the-finish board game using hexagonal tiles, created during Nordic Game Jam 2012.