Path is the first game jam game I made as a 1-man team. At the same time it’s also the first digital game jam game I’ve made, made in a summer house with limited access to internet outside of.

The game itself is a text-based “A or B” adventure game where the player is presented with more or less trivial choices. While there are many endings, the game has no real win or lose condition. As the player is the one making the choices, one might say that the feeling the players are left with is the best measure of how well they played.

The core idea of the game is that while there are many possible outcomes, each player will only ever see one. (Of course, it is possible to cheat the system, but it does require a certain effort.) Therefore, the choices you make matters more as you are not able to go back to see “what would have happened if I had done this instead”.

Play the game!